Do you suffer from medical app disorder (M.A.D.)?
Mad Doctor

Get to know the signs



Caused by medical apps that fail to deliver personalized, relevant information and resources.

Severe Mood Disturbances

Severe Mood Disturbances

Caused by medical apps that don't allow you to customize your experience.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed

Caused by the hundreds of medical apps that offer only one key function rather than holistically supporting you.

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Omnio is the cure for M.A.D. and is now available in the App Store.

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The Faces of MADness

"I'm a cardiologist! Why is this app providing me an Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center! Do you even know me???"

"I knew I had a problem during patient consults when I frequently spent 1 minute talking to my patients and the other 14 looking for a tool on my iPad."

"What are my colleagues reading? What tools do they use? I guess I'll never know..."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have M.A.D.?
If you're a clinician who uses medical apps on your iPad, there is a strong chance you have M.A.D. If you've experienced one or more of the symptoms associated with M.A.D., download Omnio in the App Store and let the healing begin.
Is M.A.D. contagious?
Many clinicians unknowingly spread M.A.D. to other clinicians by sharing a medical app they use on their iPad. To help stop the spread of M.A.D., clinicians are encouraged to share the good news about the cure — Omnio
Is there a cure for M.A.D.?
Yes! The only treatment option for M.A.D. is Omnio. Learn more at